Time for a change is now

Ev / Time for a change is now
  Mon, Oct 17, 2016     Chris Johnson  

Time for change

This month we lost the use of the Jarrow venue due to the room being booked by a paying client. We had the opportunity to change the day but as the day went on things changed for Tyneside Connect.

With no event this week we are all going to Willow Wednesday – an event I have always intended to visit and for £5 well worth it so I am reliably informed.

We do have some big news starting on Wednesday about a networking event we are taking over, and we are also in the process of discussing an event on Gateshead on the Team Valley starting in 2017 which has a potential to be massive with loads of large clients (more updates soon)

Please look at the events below which are being hosted by Lorna Jeromson from LBJ Solutions ltd and Carol Walker from North East Counselling Services.


Are you happy and content? Do you to bounce back from life’s setbacks particularly when times are more difficult than normal? Does life just seem like it is too hard and you feel you cannot cope as well as you have been able to do before? Do you enjoy life and have curiosity to explore new things?

If you find that things are getting to be too much to deal with and you are feeling a bit stressed, anxious or sad, our Emotional Wellbeing Workshop gives you lots of hints and tips to support you and to help you to increase and improve your wellbeing.

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We are also running a separate event which is aimed at managers who have responsibility for other people. Again the prices are low just to determine interest.

Are your staff happy and healthy? Is there increased absence due to stress? Are changes happening in your workplace that staff find difficult to cope with? Did you know that sickness absence costs the UK economy over £14bn per year (that is £554 per employee)?

There is a growing awareness of wellbeing and resilience and the impact of poor mental health. Employers who ignore staff wellbeing risk poor performance and increased absenteeism. Our Wellbeing Workshop helps to support employees in dealing with organisational change, improving wellbeing and building personal resilience.

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