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  Tue, Oct 18, 2016     Mark Proctor

 THE CANNY KITCHEN – THIS WEEKS’ TOP TIPS 1. Make apple ‘thins’ for children as a snack – finely sliced apples, dusted in cinnamon and baked until crisp make a great healthy snack. 2. Half a banana on a lolly stick, rolled in chopped nuts and frozen make a great cooling and healthy snack. 3. Get in the regular habit of getting them to help make their own meals.  Просмотреть больше

How to network effectively

  Mon, Jun 20, 2016     Mark Proctor

These are a few ideas I found on-line – i hope you find them useful   Establish your goals What do you want to get out of your networking? New business? An enhanced reputation? New suppliers? Clearly define what you want and the process will be a lot smoother.Never fail to follow up a lead It can be a long time before a deal comes to fruition but it could be the biggest of your career.  Просмотреть больше

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Tyneside Connect gives you the opportunity to tell others about your business, and in general have a laid back networking session over a choice of breakfast.


Business networking is a great way to find new contacts and to tell other companies about your business. By building up relationships with other businesses in your local area means that you are laying the foundations to be remembered and recommened by the business owners you meet at Tyneside Connect.